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load multiple worksheets into the database (Read 3381 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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load multiple worksheets into the database
20.01.06 at 17:14:43
Lemuel from the USA asked the following question:
Does SQL*XL allow me to load an Excel file with multiple worksheets into a database table?
Yes it does.
The feature you need to look at is the multiple rows insert feature. See:

You need to enter the table name and column names (you can use the buttons to point to the cells with the column names). You also need to enter the range of cells that contain the data. Again here you can use the button to select the range so SQL*XL puts the cell address in the textbox for you.
Normally you would enter a single range into the data text box: e.g. A2Cheesy12
However you can also enter multiple ranges here. Perhaps the easiest is if you just run the multiple update function for each sheet you wish to insert. If you want to do it in one run you can enter in the data text box e.g. Sheet1!A2Cheesy12,Sheet2!B2:E100. As you can see you use a , to specify multiple ranges.
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