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Re: Runtime error 91 (Read 8641 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Re: Runtime error 91
18.01.06 at 10:46:38
Marco from Italy had the same problem today.
In Italian:
Errore di run-time 91
We found out that his Excel was still thinking it should use the old SQL*XL when using the SQL*XL menu and toolbar in Excel. The solution was to manually remove the menu and toolbar and then to use File|Open in Excel to load sqlxl.xla. That recreated the menu and toolbar.
Also see:
Uninstalling the SQL*XL menu and toolbar from Excel manually
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Gerrit-Jan Linker
Linker IT Software
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Re: Runtime error 91
Reply #1 - 19.07.06 at 03:18:01
Dear sir,
I have read your answer for problem  “runtime error :91”. And I have done your instruction.
but it doesn’t fix the problem.
When excel run macro ,  I still have “runtime error 91 message”, but if I break macro and click sql*xl menu in worksheet, there’s no such message again.
It seems excel cannot automate to load sql.xl .  I have tried to add statements  “ load sqlxl” in my macro. But it can’t work. Do you have any suggestion to load sqlxl automatically?
Thanks…  Smiley
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