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SQL Server connection problems (Read 3996 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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SQL Server connection problems
18.01.06 at 10:24:58
Milind from India asked the following question:
I am currently trying to use MSSQL Server 2000 which I have loaded from an evaluation version cd. I am not bein able to connect to the database. It shows an OLE DB problem and it ends up with informing that SQL server cannot be connected or that it does not exist.
Please can you suggest a solution, is it necessary that the system should be a NT server ?
No your system does not need to be NT server. You are probably asking because one of the connection options is to go through NT integrated security. This does not mean you are required to run NT server.
When you have installed MSSQL Server on your PC I suggest you use the NT integrated security option. Leave all other fields blank and connect. This should work ok.
Please also read the connection help for SQL Server at:  
OLE DB connections to MSSQL: .html
ODBC connections to MSSQL: html
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