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Remove SQL*XL features from users (Read 4185 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Remove SQL*XL features from users
23.12.05 at 11:25:38
Robert from the USA made the following remark:
We find the software to be too complicated for our end users to comprehend.
Creating an increasing feature rich product sometimes compromises the ease of use. To solve this issue we have introduced the security toolkit. The security toolkit can be used to limit features you want your end-users to use. You can also use the security toolkit to limit the access to only those databases you want end users to logon to.
Please read the following topic for more information about the security toolkit:
If a installation of SQL*XL which is limited using the security toolkit is still providing a too complicated interface to your database, consider to write your own small front-end to the database. If a very simpel interface is required that should not take long (by definition)... The SQL*XL API is open for use in your own macros and VBA. Moreover you will be able to macro record a lot of the needed code. There are customers that have created a menu driven interface or an interface through toolbar and worksheet buttons. Please refer to the following documentation:
You can configure SQL*XL to limit its features. You can use the security toolkit to this end. You can also use macro recording and a little VBA coding to provide your own interface.

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