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Prevent values displayed as ###### (Read 3815 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Prevent values displayed as ######
16.12.05 at 10:09:24
Li-yu from the USA asked the following question'
I am executing queries with SQL*XL. Some values are displayed as #####. I don't want these values to be printed like that. How can I avoid this?
Excel displays ##### in a cell when the value in the cell cannot be properly displayed. The value in the cell is the value that is in your database, just the display of it leaves a bit to be desired.
I found that only when you put large text values with multiple lines in a cell that you can get this behavior.  
I cannot code around this easially. It has to do with setting the Format of the cell to Text. If SQL*XL does not do that it will work properly however... you will loose other functionality. E.g. if your string column contains a number with leading zeroes. These leading zeroes will be lost as Excel will recognise the value as a number.
You can do two things to avoid this problem. You can specify in the resultset options dialog that SQL*XL should not format the output. Or you can explicitly set the format of the column.  
There is a command for setting the column format. This command can run together with your query. The command is called: column format. You can use this command whenever you want to explicitly format a column and when you want to override SQL*XL's default formatting.
column address format 'General';
select address from myaddresstable;
When you execute these statements from the SQL dialog, SQL*XL will apply the General format to the address column.

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