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Restrict access to the database (Read 4248 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Restrict access to the database
07.12.05 at 10:41:44
Steven from the UK sent us the following question:
How can I tie down the access that the end user could have to the database?
You can use the security toolkit to limit the functionality of SQL*XL. Before explaining what the security toolkit can do for you I would like to say that the best security is actually implemented on the server. In the database restrict your users from accessing only those tables they need. Ask your DBA for further details. In most databases you can grant privileges to users to particular tables and for particular actions.
The security toolkit is provided free of charge with SQL*XL when you buy a CDROM. This is done for security purposes.  'There is no downloadable version available.
With the security toolkit you can:
  • Disable SQL*XL dialogs
  • Specify which types of SQL you allow. E.g. only DQL statements (Data Query Language = select statements) or also DML/DDL statements (Data Modification/Definition Language = e.g. insert, delete, update). You can also (dis)allow PL/SQL and SQL*Plus / specific SQL*XL statements.
  • Specify which database drivers can be used. E.g. only OO4O, or OLE DB and not ODBC.
  • Specify which database types can be used. E.g. only Oracle and Access and not SQL Server and others
  • Name a database to use. Only this database can be connected to.
  • Name a username to use. Only connections with this username will be possible.
  • Through profiles you can set SQL*XL immediately e.g. to readonly.
  • You can export the settings to .reg files and deploy it easilly to end-user's PCs.
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