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Automate updates (Read 5057 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Automate updates
29.11.05 at 11:25:22
Dionissis from Greece asked the following question.
Can I write code to automate updates? I was recording macros and queries and inserts are recording fine. Nothing was recorded for updates however.
The SQL*XL macro recorder does not record any actions when you do an update in SQL*XL. This could potentially be quite dangerous you see. There is a big assumption with the multiple rows update facility. It assumes the data from the previous query is still intact in the worksheet. If you would remove rows or sort the rows that would be quite disasterous especially when you do not use the review option to review each change. This is the reason why I have not included the recording of updates into SQL*XL.
What you can do however is showing SQL*XL's multiple rows update dialog. Then you leave it again to SQL*XL to find changes and to update. Use the command SQLXL.mnuUpdateMulti_Click. This will display the multiple rows update dialog.
I have just made a change to the macro recorder that will record the statement that shows the multiple rows update dialog when you record a macro.
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