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Manually adding a reference to SQLXL (Read 5081 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Manually adding a reference to SQLXL
01.11.05 at 14:29:21
When you record a macro and you use actions inside SQL*XL, the SQL*XL macro recorder will automatically create a reference to SQL*XL in your project. When you want to code manually you will need to create the reference manually. In this topic I will explain how to manually create a reference to SQL*XL.
Why is a reference needed? Excel does not know about external libraries. SQL*XL is an external library. You need to add SQL*XL as a reference in order to use its functionality.
To add the reference, first go to the Visual Basic Editor.
Tools | Macros | Visual Basic Editor  
Then select the project you want to create the reference in, e.g. VBAProject (Book1).
Now select Tools | References
Tick the SQLXL checkbox. If no SQLXL checkbox is presented use the browse button to select the file sqlxl.xla.
From now on you can use the SQLXL keyword to access the SQL*XL objects.
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