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SQL*XL - release log (Read 12571 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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SQL*XL - release log
31.10.05 at 16:30:37
This document contains the details about the latest release of SQL*XL. A new release is first posted here. After a week the release is made public as mainstream download of SQL*XL if there are no reported problems.
SQL*XL 5.2.15 (13/March/2018) (
  • New digital certificate
  • New application setting to recalculate after opening a workbook
  • New application setting to recalculate all sheets in a workbook

SQL*XL 5.2.13 (19/January/2017) (
  • Fixed problem with ESC key to cancel copy/paste mode in Excel
  • Fixed issues with disabled ribbon icons.

SQL*XL 5.2.12 (15/March/2016) (
  • New digital signature.
  • Compatible with Excel 2016

SQL*XL 5.2.10 (2/July/2014) (
  • Bugfix for select ... to functionality".

SQL*XL 5.2.8 (13/June/2014) (
  • Bugfix for setting up connections with the "Microsoft Data Link Properties Wizard".

SQL*XL 5.2.6 (5/June/2014)  
  • Bugfix for OO4O connection problems.

SQL*XL 5.2.5 (25/May/2014)  
  • A fix for bind variables that include the sheet name (e.g. selext * from mytable where id=:Sheet1!A1) was applied.
  • Fixed a ribbon problem in Excel2013: disconnecting was not possible.
  • Fixed an infinite loop problem querying 0 rows from an Oracle database through OLEDB or ODBC.

SQL*XL 5.2.2 (9/April/2014)  
  • Fixed Windows 64 bits issues in the installer.
  • Fixed a ribbon problem in Excel2013: disconnecting was not possible.
  • Improved handling of CLOB and VARRAY columns when using the OO4O driver.
  • New digital signature to allow working in high security mode in Excel.

SQL*XL 5.1.5 (22/Feb/2013)  
  • Compatibility for Excel 2013.
  • Several small software fixes.

SQL*XL 5.1.2 (15/Sept/2012)  
  • Several small software fixes.

SQL*XL 5.1.1 (25/Apr/2012)  
  • New digital signature was applied.

SQL*XL 5.0.11 (28/Aug/2011)  
  • Misc small bugfixes

SQL*XL 5.0.10 (01/Aug/2011)  

SQL*XL 5.0.4 (25/Nov/2010)  

  • Column titles in Excel are always formatted as text to not let Excel reformat it in any way.
  • Decimal separator fix for OO4O connections when database server and Excel use different decimal separators.

SQL*XL 5.0.3 (15/Sept/2010)  

SQL*XL 4.3.24 (26/Feb/2010)  

SQL*XL 4.3.21 (12/Feb/2010)

SQL*XL 4.3.20 (20/Dec/2009)  

SQL*XL 4.3.18 (25/Nov/2009)

SQL*XL 4.3.17 (05/Oct/2009)  

SQL*XL 4.3.16 (20/April/2009)

SQL*XL 4.3.15 (5/April/2009)

SQL*XL 4.3.12 (06/Feb/2009)  

Release log covering versions 4.1.12 - 4.3.10:
Release log covering versions 4.0.41 - 4.1.11:
Release log covering versions 4.0.26 - 4.0.40:
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