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How to prevent the SQL text from being changed? (Read 4065 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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How to prevent the SQL text from being changed?
31.10.05 at 14:30:26
Curd from the USA asked the following question.
How do I prevent my users from changing the SQL text? I wish to lock the SQL text so my users cannot easially change it.
This is a feature limitation. Security features and feature limitations can be implemented through SQL*XL's security toolkit.
With the toolkit you can hide the options in the toolbar and menu that you do not wish your users to enter. You can also use the toolkit to make the SQL dialog read only. When doing this it will also block the SQL editor.
What you could do is this.  
You could write the SQL files for your users and point their SQL Favorites directory setting to the network location where you saved the SQL files. Using NTFS security features you can set the SQL file security such that the users can only read the files. Then with the SQL*XL security toolkit you can set the SQL dialog readonly to not enable them to modify anything. Essentially they can just run the queries you provide.
Another method to achieve this is to use macro recording. You can make your own macros running the queries and compile the resulting macro file as an addin. On the addin you can set a password so your users do not see the SQL. This way you can fully hide the SQL*XL interface and do it the way you want. Again, using the SQL*XL security toolkit you can hide the SQL*XL user interface. The menu and toolbar can be fully hidden away.
The security toolkit does more than this. You can permanently gray out menu items to prevent users e.g. going into the update or insert dialogs. You can also limit SQL*XL to e.g. only execute select statements. Finally you can limit the databases SQL*XL can connect to. You can even name a database and username your users are supposed to use to disallow them from trying to connect to other databases.  
The security toolkit is provided free of charge. It is not available for download and can only be received if you purchase new licenses for SQL*XL on a CDROM.  
The toolkit was designed to distribute the settings easially to end user's PCs. You can export the settings in a registry (.reg) file. You can double click the .reg files to apply them on the PC. If you use software management systems you can also let these systems apply the reg files.
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