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Stop prompting for formatting options (Read 3745 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Stop prompting for formatting options
31.10.05 at 14:17:17
Curd from the USA asked the following questions:
Can data be retrieved from the database without the user being prompted to specify a format? Or can the format be reset to the Excel default?
Yes and yes!  
First, to reset the formatting options fromt the SQL*XL default (currently blue and yellow) to Excel's default cell formatting do this:
  • menu SQL*XL | Preferences | Formatting Preferences. The formatting settings will now be displayed. There are two settings that you need to change: Column Heading Format and Report Body Format. A button to change the format for both items is provided if you want to make changes.
  • To remove the SQL*XL format, select the cell with the example text.
  • Now choose menu Edit | Clear | Formats. Do this for both cells.  
  • Press the Apply and OK button to close the settings sheet.

To not get prompted for formatting options do this:
  • menu SQL*XL | Preferences | Program Preferences
  • Select the SQL dialog
  • Select the Specify Resultset Options item.
  • Change the value from the default "Always" to "Never"
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