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Insert Multiple Rows and OO4O (Read 3880 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Insert Multiple Rows and OO4O
14.10.05 at 09:43:55
Customers keep asking about the Insert Multiple Rows feature and problems they experience with the OO4O driver.
The error received is one about failing permissions to the table you want to insert the data into. This error can happen when you really do not have permissions but it also received when a buggy version of the OO4O driver is used.
When Oracle shipped Oracle 8.1.7 they included a buggy version of OO4O. They were relatively quick correcting the error and you can still download the latest version of OO4O from  
What to do when you get the error?
Option 1 (recommended):
Just use the OLE DB provider for Oracle. There are two of them, one from Microsoft and one from Oracle themselves. I suggest you use Oracle's OLE DB provider.
Look at this topic in the help system how to connect to Oracle using OLE DB: ml
Option 2:
Upgrade your OO4O installation. You can get the latest versions from
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