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Connecting to the database (Read 5493 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Connecting to the database
06.10.05 at 14:42:41
Many people ask how to connect to their database. To make it easier I have started a list of detailed descriptions and examples in the help pages:
In general, you start the SQL*XL Connection dialog first.
If you want to connect to Oracle using the OO4O driver, just type username, password and db name.
If you want to connect to Oracle using a different driver or if you want to use to another database type use the advanced button to open the advanced section. Here press the create button to make a new ADO connection. A 4 tabbed window appears the Data Link Properties window. See for a description: .html
The Data Link Properties window contains 4 tabs. On the first tab select the driver (provider) you wish to use. For ODBC use the OLE DB provider for ODBC. Then press next and enter your database connection details. Use the test button before you proceed.
SQL*XL will return to the connection dialog where it saves your connection details. It should select the new connection and ask -again- for the password.
Next time, you just pick the connection from the history list.
What if your database is not in the list?  
What if my instructions didn't work?
Please tell me:
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Gerrit-Jan Linker
Linker IT Software
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Connecting to the database
Reply #1 - 11.10.05 at 19:29:13
I just did a new install of SQL*XL using the Oracle Instant Client.  It works great!  It's way easier than installing the whole client, not to mention saves disk space.  Thanks!  Smiley
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