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Hide the SQL*XL interface (Read 4449 times)
Gerrit-Jan Linker
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Hide the SQL*XL interface
05.10.05 at 11:28:12
Again a question from a customer today. Posting it here to start this forum. Please post your new questions as separate topics.
I would like the ability to hide the SQL interface from the users so that they can't break the application I want to build with SQL*XL
The SQL*XL toolbar and menu can be hidden. A special security toolkit was developed to facilitate this. With the toolkit you can permanently hide the toolbar and menu. They will still be there but be invisible. That will enable you to make your own interface.
The security toolkit does more than this. You can permanently gray out menu items to prevent users e.g. going into the update or insert dialogs. You can also limit SQL*XL to e.g. only execute select statements. Finally you can limit the databases SQL*XL can connect to. You can even name a database and username your users are supposed to use to disallow them from trying to connect to other databases.
The security toolkit is provided free of charge. It is not available for download and can only be received if you purchase new licenses for SQL*XL on a CDROM.  
The toolkit was designed to distribute the settings easially to end user's PCs. You can export the settings in a registry (.reg) file. You can double click the .reg files to apply them on the PC. If you use software management systems you can also let these systems apply the reg files.
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